Cuz If Loving This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Go To North Carolina

An Open Letter to the people who voted for Amendment One in North Carolina, the lawmakers who didn’t have the guts to put civil unions up for a vote in Colorado, and Homophobes Everywhere (cuz so many of them read gay blogs, I know),

You don’t scare me; you have won nothing. I have never asked for permission to be who I am, and I have never asked for validation, legal or otherwise, for my feelings or for my relationships. Vote all you want, but you don’t get a say.  Justify yourselves however you want to; I live in love, you live in fear, and I wouldn’t trade places with you for all the legal legitimacy in the world. I thank your god every day for making me gay, and he puts Michael Phelps on television all-but-naked by way of saying “You’re Welcome.” You were afraid when you went to bed last night — of that same god; of me, who you’ll never meet; of yourself and your own body and mind — and afraid when you woke up this morning, and if that’s what “Victory” looks like to you, please enjoy it. History will one day laugh at you. As I do today.


The Gayest Guy You’ll Never Know

P.S. This might have mostly been posted as an excuse to post this white-hot photo of Michael Phelps from  You’re welcome…

13 thoughts on “Cuz If Loving This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Go To North Carolina

  1. Awesomesauce! Great attitude! They will be eating their hats in a few years anyway. It will become a civil rights issue, landing itself on the Supreme court doorsteps. It will be overturned, it’s only a matter of time.

  2. you define what it means to gay – this is particularly true of when the gay movement – well any movement – was at height, when it is fighting. Queer politics is a dying form of expression as we given token rights (in the UK the battle is Equal Marriage as opposed to Civil Partnerships – the arguement ‘seperate but equal’ has been used!).

    Excellent, inspiring

    • Thank you for this. I think these days Queer Identity is often sublimated in political discussions in favor of a Hey, Look, We’re Just Like You approach, which to me kind of misses the point. Therefore this comment especially pleases me. 😉

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