Valentine’s Gold, a Year Later


According to the little celebratory icon WordPress sent me I think yesterday, the time has rolled around to celebrate One Whole Year of Mister Stewardess (dot com)!  I don’t have a whole lot planned by way of anniversary festivities — although this morning’s coffee’s pretty good — but I did figure that a year is long enough that we can have a quick Retrospective.  By which I of course mean I am going to post the same awesome Golden Girls Valentines as I posted last year because, well, the Golden Girls is high up the list of Things I Love, and what better day to celebrate that?

In keeping with the Valentine’s spirit, I have just, this very day, submitted what I hope will be my last round of edits on my latest Adventure in Queer Romantic Fiction.  A Model Romance is the story of how beefcake Bridger Bradford falls head over heels in love with a wild fantasy that could never come true, and what happens when it does.  Coming in March from your friends at JMS Books, A Model Romance will be my first stand-alone short, and might be the most romantic thing you’ll ever read that refers to both Old McDonald and Tuna Surprise in the opening paragraph.  When I have cover art and a release date to share, I’ll bring all the info, so do stay tuned.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you in the meantime.  Wherever you find love in your life, I hope you seize the opportunity to celebrate it.  And if you’re more in the I Hate This Hallmark Holiday camp, hang in there — tomorrow, chocolate’s gonna be on super sale at every store in town.  You can use the One Year Anniversary of this blog as an excuse to snap it all up — after all, there’s always something to celebrate!

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