Romance Lives Forever

emo-boys-kissingAt least, don’t you hope it does?  Romance inflames our senses — Sight.  Touch.  Smell, for better or worse.  (These clever boys are in the shower, washing away any worries in that department…)  It satisfies so many of our basic urges: there’s suspense, there’s (hopefully) action; the instinct to hunt — and perhaps also to gather, I don’t judge — is exercised in ways it might not otherwise be if you don’t have a gun, you don’t want to kill animals, or you look a fright in camouflage.  I write, and love to read, stories with a romantic element because they’re hopeful, they’re hot, and they give your characters all kinds of excuses to act like idiots and then kiss each other.

So, it turns out, there’s this blog called Romance Lives Forever, that’s all about promoting books and authors and, a couple weeks a year, publishers.  And this week, they’re featuring my very own publisher, JMS Books (whom see).  Each day for a week, JMS is promoting various books — including two of mine — in various genres, and also promoting a 40% Off promo code that’s good until Sunday, September 15th.  There are, of course, other ways for readers of this blog to learn about the books that I write (me going on and on about them leaps to mind), and promo codes come and go, but this particular week also provides any interested readers with an opportunity to get to know a little bit about the independent queer business they support when they buy my books.  And isn’t supporting independent businesses kind of romantic?  It’s definitely hopeful, which I think is kind of hot.  All you gotta do now is go and find somebody to kiss.  See if a 40% off book from JMS gets them in the mood…

(Click here to learn more about JMS Books on Romance Lives Forever.)

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