They’re Here!

Advent AdventureMy November vacation is often the highlight of my year, and this year’s was no slouch.  I had quality time (think wine, s’mores, Indian food) with some of my favoritest friends, Thanksgiving with some of my favoritest cousins, I wrote a novel and my first theatrical monologue, my husband performed like a SuperStar at Drag Nation, and we watched a lot of Wings.  It was pretty much the best vacation ever, and yesterday, which was both December First and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I strapped on my Christmas tie and went off to work with something of a magnanimous, goodwill-towards-all attitude.  Strollers, grandparents, and college kids were out in droves, boarding was a Very Big Deal, and a rather pointed reminder was issued: the Holidays are here.

And lucky us, because alongside the Annual Overhead Bin Space Smackdown, JMS Books is ushering in the Holiday Season with a cavalcade of Holiday Romance releases.  Four or five a week, in fact, between now and the 22nd, including mine, The Gift of the Gay Guy, on December 15th.  They’re of the short, electronic variety, perfect for bumping up your Kindle’s Christmas cred or stuffing those Nook-shaped stockings; heck, with most at the $2-$4 price point, you can decorate your tablet with sexy guys in Santa hats like it’s a little electronic tree.

We’ll start with mine:Gift Gay Guy Cover

‘Tis the night before Christmas when Derrick Halvorson’s flight to Minneapolis is diverted to a tiny municipal airport out in the sticks. Grounded by a blizzard, he lucks into the last hotel room in town, which he offers to share with Lee, a tall, tempting twink from his flight with nowhere else to go. The sex is awesome, but when Derrick catches Lee stealing what little cash he has in his wallet, he naturally tosses him out on his ear. When Lee resurfaces in the morning, Derrick resolves to stay mad, so no one is more surprised than he is when Derrick turns up at the Halvorson Family Christmas with Lee in tow. When his cop brother recognizes Lee, Derrick fears the worst. Is Lee actually a career criminal? Or was taking the money a desperate one-off? Lee can always pay back the sixty dollars, but will the punishment fit the crime if he steals Derrick’s heart?

And here are the rest, in weekly batches.  The first set came out yesterday, so you don’t even have to wait around for those.  Check ’em out, especially if you’re looking for ways to support queer writers, independent businesses, or those most unsung of Holiday Heroes, Sexy Guys in Santa Hats.

The Firefighter in the Snow | Vivaldi in the Dark | Bad Secret Santa | Yule Be in my Heart

Nowhere to Hide | Holy Xavier | Christmas Deception | And We Will Live Happily

Thanks, JMS Books!

Thanks, JMS Books!

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