When a Doofus Loves a Drag Queen

Actually, Danny’s a well-educated and socially savvy attorney. But he is hot for Ashok, a sexy Santa Fe garbage collector who’s all man.  When he’s not glammed out in false eyelashes and silk saris. At 6-foot-10, with big ears and a crew cut, Danny does kind of look like a doofus, and I love my alliteration, so here we are.


Ashok is fit, charming, and dynamite in the sack; falling in love with him is a piece of cake. Embracing his alter ego, celebrated drag diva Raima Reason, proves to be more of a challenge. Danny divorced his wife for a reason, and it wasn’t so he could go out and find someone who takes even longer than she did to put on makeup.

Ashok’s old-country Ammaji is Raima’s biggest fan, and has relatives combing markets from London to Lucknow to keep her aglitter in the latest gear.  Danny’s best friend Schwartz is also his boss — he wants the best for Danny and his new beau, but business is business, and Danny’s got some decisions to make.  Among them: is a boyfriend who’s sometimes a girl more than he can handle?

Find out when my new short novel, Love Has Reasons, comes out in e-Book from JMS Books in two weeks, on May 25th!

Thanks, JMS Books!

Thanks, JMS Books!




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