New Release: A Model Romance

amodelromanceWhen Bridger Bradford chases the wrong guy to South Korea, he falls in love … with his fantasies about Kai, a model whose handsome mug is splashed across every subway station and bus shelter in the country.

Kai has a big career and big money, but what he really wants is a shot at big, blond Bridger, who can’t believe his luck when the man of his dreams seemingly walks out of the stack of souvenir magazines and right up to him in his favorite San Francisco bar.

Today marks my stand-alone short fiction debut with the eBook release of the story of one of my very favorite couples. At just under 7,000 words, A Model Romance is a quick-reading short story of how beefcake Bridger Bradford falls head over heels in love with a wild fantasy that could never come true, and what happens when it does.  My hope is that it just might be the most romantic thing you’ll ever read that refers to both Old McDonald and Tuna Surprise in its opening paragraph.

If you’re queer as a three-dollar bill, you’ll even get change — snag your copy here at JMS Books today for the introductory price of $2.39.


Tempted?  Click on through and read an excerpt: Continue reading