Read an Ebook!

Gold Guy carnivalValentine’s Day is over, St. Patrick’s day is still weeks away, and unless you’re in Rio or New Orleans (or the liquor store by my house, which was decorated very festively for the occasion), you probably don’t have a whole lot going on for Mardi Gras — let’s face it, there’s something of a celebratory slump this time of year.  Hell, my vacation ends on Wednesday, a month of flying all-nighters begins, and that’s certainly nothing to jump up and down about.

But take heart — don’t repurpose those party hats just yet: Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords starts today, ushering in an entire week of big savings at “the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks.”   My novels, Kiss Me, Straight and Crazy Like Fox have RSVP’d to the party, and will be on sale for 75% OFF all week long (March 2-8).  And did you know: you don’t have to have a Kindle or a Nook to read Ebooks — you can get them in formats that you can read on your regular old computer or even on your phone!   (Smashwords will have to help you with that, though — I only use my phone these days for getting my ass kicked by an old high school crush at Words with Friends.)  (He’s 42 — not so old…)Kiss_Me_Straight_Cover

I have more Ebooks coming at you soon: a short erotic romance-slash-mash note from me to the Vancouver Airport called You Again? comes out in April, and I’m ecstatically pleased to announce the release of my novel-length Doofus and the Drag Queen romance Love Has Reasons in June.  Don’t fret, there will be loads more info about these two items, especially as cover art becomes available, but in the meantime, if you have some catch-up to do on my catalogue (or just want to load up your E-Reader with independent authors), save save save! at Smashwords this week.  Then pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, curl up in your fave reading nook with your E-Reader and your elaborate feathered headdress, and party on!

Valentine’s Gold, a Year Later


According to the little celebratory icon WordPress sent me I think yesterday, the time has rolled around to celebrate One Whole Year of Mister Stewardess (dot com)!  I don’t have a whole lot planned by way of anniversary festivities — although this morning’s coffee’s pretty good — but I did figure that a year is long enough that we can have a quick Retrospective.  By which I of course mean I am going to post the same awesome Golden Girls Valentines as I posted last year because, well, the Golden Girls is high up the list of Things I Love, and what better day to celebrate that?

In keeping with the Valentine’s spirit, I have just, this very day, submitted what I hope will be my last round of edits on my latest Adventure in Queer Romantic Fiction.  A Model Romance is the story of how beefcake Bridger Bradford falls head over heels in love with a wild fantasy that could never come true, and what happens when it does.  Coming in March from your friends at JMS Books, A Model Romance will be my first stand-alone short, and might be the most romantic thing you’ll ever read that refers to both Old McDonald and Tuna Surprise in the opening paragraph.  When I have cover art and a release date to share, I’ll bring all the info, so do stay tuned.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you in the meantime.  Wherever you find love in your life, I hope you seize the opportunity to celebrate it.  And if you’re more in the I Hate This Hallmark Holiday camp, hang in there — tomorrow, chocolate’s gonna be on super sale at every store in town.  You can use the One Year Anniversary of this blog as an excuse to snap it all up — after all, there’s always something to celebrate!