Party Like Fox

guycorkWhen my first book came out last year, two release parties were part of the fanfare, and I had a ball at each one.  I read a little bit, sold a few books, ate sushi and drank champagne.  My first book signing marked the first occasion I was actually applauded for writing something, and I gotta say: I didn’t hate it.

My brand new book, Crazy Like Fox, is initially being released (from JMS Books this Sunday, August 25th!) only in electronic formats.  I do love my champagne, though, and I want to have a party for this  book, too, so I’m hosting what we’re going to pretend is The World’s First Electronic Book Release Party!  A major benefit of throwing an internet-only party is you can invite as many people as you want and be left with very little next-morning clean-up.  And, if you want it to, it can last a whole week.  So everyone’s invited, and you should totally come.

“How do I come to a party on the internet?” you may ask.  By liking my Author Page on Facebook, is how.  If you “Like” my page between August 25th and September First (or if you have liked it already, all in on the ground floor), you’re “at” the party, where you will enjoy virtual refreshment, like music that inspired Fox as a character and me as a writer, and pictures of hot red-headed twins, and have the chance to win a fabulous prize!  And what do I know about fabulous? Please; my husband’s a drag queen.  Continue reading