National Novel Writing Month Cometh

Hooray!  It is finally (almost) here: November is National Novel Writing Month, and in a few short weeks (how October does drag…) I’ll take the reigns for my seventh such buckboard wagon thrill ride.  I refer, of course, to the ridiculously ambitious challenge of cranking out a 50,000-word novel in “thirty days and nights of literary abandon.”  NaNoWriMo (for short) is a wild and crazy, caffeine- and internet-fueled combination writing contest/seminar/creativity orgy put on and promoted by the Office of Letters and Light, designed specifically as an opportunity for you to splatter your creative juices over a one-month-sized canvas and see what emerges.  Sure you’ve got a novel inside you somewhere, goes the NaNo logic, but unless you’ve got a goal and a deadline, when are you actually going to sit down and write it?  Probably Never is when, figured Chris Baty, the handsome and hilarious founder of the worldwide phenomenon.  So he sets you a goal — 50,000 words — and he sets you a deadline — thirty days — and then on November First he basically says “Go!” and jumps out of the way, leaving you and the novelist inside you to find your way to the finish line, through plot holes and panic, jitters and genius. Continue reading