About Me

lanikai hoodieI fly.  I write.  I love queer fiction, the Golden Girls, and fine-lookin’ men.

Flying is a self-renewing source of inspiration and amusement.  Passengers are crazy, flight attendants are even crazier… you think you’ve seen it all, but there is always someone out there dying to prove you wrong: wonderful, horrifying, and downright stupid things happen on airplanes.  I’ve been to forty countries on six continents, and have found Australia and Argentina to have the best boy-watching, California to have the best coffee and the best wine, and China to have the best food, provided you never ask, “Hey, what is this?”

I blog about what I see on the airplane, the places I go, and what’s new in my writing world.

I mostly write contemporary gay romance, novels and shorts, and I’m always down for a fun anthology. Some of my stories are “about” flight attendants, others aren’t, but they’re all about love, and about finding your way, and about making the best possible life for yourself with the ingredients you have on hand.

Welcome aboard!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey! You stole my theme!!! Lol. Any time you want to guest contribute on QueerLandia.com just let me know. I’d love to have a published author in the mix. Best of luck with your new blog.

  2. Funny, when I saw your blog I was like, I could definitely follow him, the guy knows his themes… 😉 Thanks for dropping by. Just starting out here in the WordPress World, as you see, but I’m a Gemini and rarely at a loss for words — if I have something to say that might interest QueerLandia and your readers, I’ll definitely run it by you. Thanks for that!

  3. Hi!

    Came across your blog from the LGBT Blog Directory. I’m working with Out & Equal in the Workplace who are releasing a book in February, and I’m looking for some reviewers. I”d love to send you a book if you’d be interested? Thought maybe you could read on a layover, and what a bonus that you’re an author, yourself! 🙂

    Would you be able to shoot me an e-mail and I can fill you in?
    Thanks so much!

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