When a Doofus Loves a Drag Queen

Actually, Danny’s a well-educated and socially savvy attorney. But he is hot for Ashok, a sexy Santa Fe garbage collector who’s all man.  When he’s not glammed out in false eyelashes and silk saris. At 6-foot-10, with big ears and a crew cut, Danny does kind of look like a doofus, and I love my alliteration, so here we are.


Ashok is fit, charming, and dynamite in the sack; falling in love with him is a piece of cake. Embracing his alter ego, celebrated drag diva Raima Reason, proves to be more of a challenge. Danny divorced his wife for a reason, and it wasn’t so he could go out and find someone who takes even longer than she did to put on makeup.

Ashok’s old-country Ammaji is Raima’s biggest fan, and has relatives combing markets from London to Lucknow to keep her aglitter in the latest gear.  Danny’s best friend Schwartz is also his boss — he wants the best for Danny and his new beau, but business is business, and Danny’s got some decisions to make.  Among them: is a boyfriend who’s sometimes a girl more than he can handle?

Find out when my new short novel, Love Has Reasons, comes out in e-Book from JMS Books in two weeks, on May 25th!

Thanks, JMS Books!

Thanks, JMS Books!




They’re Here!

Advent AdventureMy November vacation is often the highlight of my year, and this year’s was no slouch.  I had quality time (think wine, s’mores, Indian food) with some of my favoritest friends, Thanksgiving with some of my favoritest cousins, I wrote a novel and my first theatrical monologue, my husband performed like a SuperStar at Drag Nation, and we watched a lot of Wings.  It was pretty much the best vacation ever, and yesterday, which was both December First and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I strapped on my Christmas tie and went off to work with something of a magnanimous, goodwill-towards-all attitude.  Strollers, grandparents, and college kids were out in droves, boarding was a Very Big Deal, and a rather pointed reminder was issued: the Holidays are here.

And lucky us, because alongside the Annual Overhead Bin Space Smackdown, JMS Books is ushering in the Holiday Season with a cavalcade of Holiday Romance releases.  Four or five a week, in fact, between now and the 22nd, including mine, The Gift of the Gay Guy, on December 15th.  They’re of the short, electronic variety, perfect for bumping up your Kindle’s Christmas cred or stuffing those Nook-shaped stockings; heck, with most at the $2-$4 price point, you can decorate your tablet with sexy guys in Santa hats like it’s a little electronic tree.

We’ll start with mine:Gift Gay Guy Cover

‘Tis the night before Christmas when Derrick Halvorson’s flight to Minneapolis is diverted to a tiny municipal airport out in the sticks. Grounded by a blizzard, he lucks into the last hotel room in town, which he offers to share with Lee, a tall, tempting twink from his flight with nowhere else to go. The sex is awesome, but when Derrick catches Lee stealing what little cash he has in his wallet, he naturally tosses him out on his ear. When Lee resurfaces in the morning, Derrick resolves to stay mad, so no one is more surprised than he is when Derrick turns up at the Halvorson Family Christmas with Lee in tow. When his cop brother recognizes Lee, Derrick fears the worst. Is Lee actually a career criminal? Or was taking the money a desperate one-off? Lee can always pay back the sixty dollars, but will the punishment fit the crime if he steals Derrick’s heart?

And here are the rest, in weekly batches.  The first set came out yesterday, so you don’t even have to wait around for those.  Check ’em out, especially if you’re looking for ways to support queer writers, independent businesses, or those most unsung of Holiday Heroes, Sexy Guys in Santa Hats.

The Firefighter in the Snow | Vivaldi in the Dark | Bad Secret Santa | Yule Be in my Heart

Nowhere to Hide | Holy Xavier | Christmas Deception | And We Will Live Happily

Thanks, JMS Books!

Thanks, JMS Books!

New Release: Crazy Like Fox

Fox McHardy leads a charmed life. Puget Sound penthouse, gorgeous boyfriend, jet-setting job—everything he’s ever wanted, he’s gotten, including the heck out of the small Iowa town he grew up in.  But once things start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed, and he finds himself riding shotgun in a rented convertible with his new worst enemy faster than you can say “I want my old life back.”


Read an excerpt and buy the e-book today at JMS Books.  Or get it on Amazon.

Come to the online release party this week at my Author Page on Facebook and enter to win
a $40 Gift Card for Denver’s awesome Book Bar.

Thanks, JMS Books!

Thanks, JMS Books!

Going Out of Business, Going Crazy Like Fox

HootersAirB757200Most airline stories (except for the ones I tell, obviously) are best taken with a grain of salt.  Any tale  that opens with “I flew with a girl whose roommate from training once flew with a guy…” is as likely to be an airline urban legend as any kind of True.  Did a flight attendant really ever stand in the aisle and loudly spank what a frequent flyer complained was a “bad potato?”  Or tell the guy who threw a fit about not getting his meal choice, “Sir, I said we’re out of chicken, not fuel.”?  Or tell the snooty lady who claimed to be a Princess, “Yeah, well, in my country I’m considered a Queen, so I outrank you.”? Maybe, maybe not, but I’ve been hearing all of these stories since I started flying, so it probably didn’t happen on the flight your girlfriend worked last week.  (Naturally, as previously discussed, different standards apply if the story turns out to be about you.)

I came to the airline industry after much of the more famous post-deregulation upheaval.  Bankruptcy and greed had already leveled Pan Am, a strike had brought down Eastern, and start-up airlines like PeoplExpress and Hooters Air were coming and going faster than airport sign hangers could keep up with.  As much as I love to wax nostalgic about The Good Old Days of Flying (that I never saw), I have few regrets about missing out on these seismic events, some of the more spectacular of which are reputed to even have led to employee suicides.  But I’ve heard some stories.  When some of these airlines went out of business, they did so quite suddenly, stranding crews and passengers wherever they happened to wake up to the news that they would need to find their own way home. I flew with a girl (see what I mean?) who recounts charging tickets on a Chinese airline for her entire crew to her husband’s credit card, and another whose Honolulu-based crew ended up sailing home from the Philippines two-to-a-bunk on a cargo ship.

True or not, these stories were certainly gripping and colorful, and they eventually inspired me to trap a handsome man far from home and see if and how he would extract himself from a similar jam.  In the pages of my next short novel, I obviously mean.


Fox McHardy leads a charmed life. Puget Sound penthouse, gorgeous boyfriend, jet-setting job—everything he’s ever wanted, he’s gotten, including the heck out of the small Iowa town he grew up in.  Even the trip he takes to Miami to surprise his boyfriend Jeremy is something of a long-shot wish fulfilled.  Until he arrives in South Florida.  Once things start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed, and he finds himself riding shotgun in a rented convertible with his new worst enemy faster than you can say “I want my old life back.”

For all that he’s self-centered and something of a slow learner, Fox is one of my favorite protagonists.  Crazy Like Fox is the story of his long journey Home, which he finds in the one place he was sure he hadn’t left it.  Like my Author Page on Facebook to RSVP for the online release party, which will include fabulous giveaways, and get the eBook on August 25th for only $5.99 from JMS Books!  It’s funny, it’s sexy, and, like all good airline stories… inspired by stuff that really happened, but totally made up.

Matthew Mitcham, His Ukulele, and Other Suggested Remedies for Olympics Withdrawal

The London Olympics are over.  The Rio Olympics are four years away, with only unglamorous Russia to distract in between.  It’s kinda like that downer point I hit on every international trip, where I’ve had loads of fun eating and shopping and carrying on, but now I’ve checked out of the hotel room — the Fun is over, and there’s still a 10-, 12-, or 14-hour flight between me and my bed.  Boo.

Luckily, Gold-Medal Cutie Patootie Matthew Mitcham doesn’t seem to feel any such post-London depression.  As you see, he has taken his trusty ukulele and galavanted off to Rome, from which hot spot he does us the twin favors of taking off most of his clothes and reinterpreting my very favorite B-52s ditty.

If it’s the sudden dearth of half-naked hot guys that has you missing the Olympics, then, take heart: not only have we apparently not seen the last of Matthew Mitcham (which is already something for which to be plenty grateful), but this Friday, August 31st, we will herald the release of the new anthology, Going for Gold (which you can buy here),a collection of Olympic-themed M/M romantic shorts curated by EM Lynley.  “In this collection of stories,” says Lynley’s blog, “you’ll find there’s a lot more to competing at Olympic level than being the best in one’s field. Expectations and pressures from family, friends, coaches and country add up, and sometimes it’s only the love of the right man who can make the effort worth it. And sometimes, love is more important than going for gold.”

My story in Going for Gold isn’t about diving (don’t fret, Nico Jaye’s is), and it certainly isn’t about Matthew Mitcham, but it is about a hotty named Beau and his life’s ambition to compete in the Olympics.  Not because he’s the World’s Greatest Athlete, you understand, but because he’s “ass-over-teakettle nuts about jocks” and longs to use the Olympic Village as the world’s largest Man Buffet.  In short, he is convinced that the Olympics would be a great place to be gay, and if Matthew Mitcham doesn’t make being a gay Olympian look like a blast, then nothing will.

So if you’ve been going through Olympics withdrawal, pining over Chad Le Clos and Danell Leyva on an endless YouTube loop, stay tuned.  I’ll post all the pertinent info on where and how to get your very own copy of Going for Gold when it is released on Friday, and you’ll feel like you’re right back in London.  And it’ll be way better than the TV coverage was; you’ll get all the drama, you’ll get all the poignant backstory, and we didn’t edit out any of the sexy parts!